We provide personal and flexible staffing solutions. Whether you are looking to augment your current staff or looking to hire, we have professionals on hand who can help. Ivesia can fulfill any hiring need for short-term or long-term positions, and utilizes innovative recruiting techniques to ensure the right fit for the individual and company.

Direct Hire

When we say Ivesia is your partner for all your hiring needs, we mean it! Many recruiting firms specialize in temporary hires, but Ivesia understands there are different requirements for fulltime staffing placements. We identify passive and active candidates with excellent track records who will fit into your company culture and contribute to your team’s success.


Looking for a talented consultant to help with a specific project, staffing shortfall, or other temporary need? Ivesia is your partner. With our innovative recruiting procedures and a large database of industry experts, we are well-equipped to find the right consultant for you.

Contract to Hire

Sometimes a company needs a flexible consultant who is open to a contract position or fulltime employment. Ivesia identifies consultants who can excel in a temporary position and thrive in the long term. Our staff will serve as your partner and advocate throughout the entire relationship with the consultant.

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