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Quality is the primary driver behind everything we do.  Quality starts with our ability to understand each client’s needs and translate them to our delivery team.  It continues with a proven recruitment process that includes screening and code evaluation by in-house technical staff and culminates with full reference, drug, and background checks.  Quality service, combined with a proven process, results in a competitive advantage for our customers.


Ivesia is led by a management team with over 50 years of relevant professional experience, and has been servicing the technology market for over 15 years.  Our team of Account Managers and Recruiters have mastered their respective crafts and continue to learn from our comprehensive ongoing training initiatives.  Contact us today to learn firsthand how experience matters in a staffing partner.


Acquiring technical talent for your organization is harder than ever.  Make sure you are partnered with a company that you can rely on to produce.  At Ivesia we specialize in the hottest skillsets and thrive on our ability to deliver where most others fail.  We are a specialized staffing firm.  We do not try to be a “jack of all trades”.  Call us when you really need results to drive your business, and rely on us to help you win.


It is truly a race for the best and brightest technology professionals.  You need a staffing partner who can move at top speed without sacrificing quality.  Many large staffing firms are bogged down by processes and policies that significantly impact their speed to market.  On the other hand, small fly-by-night companies might be fast, but at the cost of quality.  Ivesia is nimble enough to react to our client’s needs in real time, but established enough to adhere to our stringent quality standards.

Cost Effective

The cost of technical talent is on the rise.  Managers are being asked to deliver more with fewer resources.  The recent economic, political, and regulatory uncertainty has made corporate America hesitant about increasing headcount in many cases.  Large consulting firms are eager to engage with c-level management to help alleviate the demand for productivity, but at what cost?  Large consulting firms routinely charge in excess of $250 per hour for the same resources that Ivesia can provide for a fraction of the cost.  Partnering with Ivesia gives you access to top level technical talent for reasonable all-inclusive hourly rates that compare favorably to hiring full time employees.  Our clients enjoy working with us because they remain in control of their projects and are given the talent to deliver results.  Take control of your budget and your deliverables by contacting Ivesia today.

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