For over 15 years Ivesia Solutions has been a leader in the technology staffing industry.  We have partnered with clients of all sizes in numerous industries.  The last few years have seen sweeping changes in the landscape of technical staffing and recruiting.  Ivesia has evolved during that time, becoming a leader in the use of Internet technology, social networking, and good old fashioned recruiting best practices.

Our nimble size and young culture, led by a management team with over 50 years of combined experience, results in an organization with traditional values and modern tools and techniques.  We pride ourselves on our ability to succeed where other agencies struggle.  Technology talent is becoming harder and harder to attract and retain.  Ivesia can help your organization win by ensuring that the best talent ends up working for you.

We specialize in 3 technology verticals.  General IT, Healthcare IT, and Engineering.  You can learn about our offerings and expertise within this site or by requesting a follow up from one of our Account Managers.  Ivesia Account Managers are experts in their designated vertical and have years of experience working with clients to help them win “the talent race”.


Ivesia began in the late 90’s as a consulting company known for providing custom software development services on a project basis.   This business model was successful and resulted in numerous engagements with a variety of clients, large and small.  Over time, many of our clients expressed a desire to work with Ivesia consultants on internal projects and a decision was made to form a staffing division.  The staffing division grew rapidly and became the primary focus of the company in the mid 2000’s.

Once established as a provider of General IT expertise, we began to branch into the rapidly growing Healthcare IT space.  Our software development roots made us an attractive partner for major Healthcare IT software companies who utilize Ivesia to supplement their development teams.  This connection with the large HIT vendors doesn’t end with development.  Ivesia also provides builders, testers, managers, implementation, and go live support on a national basis.  Today, Ivesia is active in the General IT, Healthcare IT, and Engineering verticals on a national level.


To provide clients with exceptional talent, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To recruit and retain top technology talent using state of the art techniques and the highest levels of integrity.

To build a profitable and responsible business founded on the Ivesia Core values.

Core Values

Integrity – Everything we do is centered around integrity.

Verification  –   Every Ivesia employee and consultant must pass background, drug, and reference checks.

Employee empowerment –  Ivesia team members have a “voice” and it is not only heard, but respected.

Success of our clients  –  We strive to help our clients win every day.

Innovation  –  Ivesia has been at the forefront of the social recruiting movement and will continue to evolve.

Acceptance  –  We are an equal opportunity employer who values diversity.